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Because God Told Me To

a testimony of the power that comes from complete surrender

Morgan Colander

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Our God did not create us to live a life of doubt, discontentment, fear, and frustration.

Are you living life in pursuit of your own plans and desires?

Do you find yourself always grasping for control?

Have you ever wondered what God has planned for your life?

Is it difficult for you to trust God's plans with your whole heart?

I've wrestled through so much of life trying to make my own plans come to fruition just to find out they always end in frustration and discontentment...until recently. You see, without knowing the door I was opening, one day I prayed, "Father, where do I need to make changes or move in a different direction?" My life has never been the same since.

These pages are filled with my story of surrender and all the honest moments that have come with it. Within this book, I hope you find release from your own disappointments and fears that come with the desire for control, and instead begin to see how trustworthy our God is and how powerful a life of surrender to Him and His plans can be.

Rather than living life with your fists tightly closed, you could be living with your hands wide open in surrender.



faith, inspirational, obedience, Christian, purpose, Surrender, God