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Dance Like You Mean It

Jeanne Skartsiaris

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"...An over the top, often witty escape into fantasy that manages to convey some realistic poignancy on the road to a satisfying conclusion."  ~ Kirkus Reviews

Middle age finds working women around the world overworked, overcommitted, and over it! Dance Like You Mean It paints a vivid portrait of the all-work, no-play world of Cassie Calabria, a woman juggling a career, marriage, and children. But, Cassie has found the perfect way to keep her dreams afloat while surviving her circus act of family and career. She's penning an erotic novel, hoping it will bring fame and fortune. The only trouble with that dream is the manuscript she's written doesn't reflect the perfect mother, wife, and daughter image she's portrayed for years. Who is Cassie Calabria? She's about to find, along with family and friends, her authentic self in this sexy and hilarious coming-of-middle-age novel!

"Dance Like You Mean It is a sweetly romantic, often poignant glimpse into the life of a woman whose secret dream to write her way out of the doldrums of her everyday life comes true in a spectacular, and unexpected, fashion. A witty and delicious tribute to the steamy, bodice-ripping novels that are so beloved by readers looking for a fantasy escape."  - Kathleen Kent, author of the Edgar Nominated The Burn

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