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Jesus Take All of Me

Learning to See God as Beautiful in Every Part of Life

Wesley Hynd

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


What does it really mean to follow Jesus? Is it just a set of intellectual facts about the cross, forgiveness of sins, and an afterlife? Or is it something more than that? Why is it that the lives of Christians and those who are not Christians seem to look so similar at times in the Western world? If someone followed you around live-tweeting your daily decisions and values, who would they say that you follow? These are some of the questions Wes Hynd has been wrestling with for 15 years as he has sought to identify some of the ways in which Western culture has subtly influenced our Christian faith, including in our:






and Emotions

Join Wes as he shares his own journey of coming to grips with what a Biblical perspective looks like in every part of life, and learn how to live out your own love for Jesus while being captured by the sheer beauty of God in the process!



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