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Stories from a Chornobyl Liquidator

Evgeny Samoilov

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


36 years after the Chernobyl disaster, war has again embattled Ukraine. However, this time, unlike in 1986, the enemy is able to be seen and is not invisible. Russia is trying to take Ukraine and rebuild the Iron Curtain.

We will not let them.

I have known Evgeny for some time, we met via our connection with Chornobyl, and have spoken periodically ever since. 

He showed me his diaries some time ago, and I had an idea to translate them to English, but this was a long-term goal. On 24th February 2022 this long-term desire suddenly became more urgent.

On 24 February 2022 we were lucky enough to find a route out of Kyiv heading west, and then the next day found a route to Poland where we stayed with friends.

A short time after we settled into our "new (temporary) life" in Poland, I messaged Evgeny to check on him and his family - and suggested we publish his diary in order to raise funds for the Ukrainian military - I am going to stop talking now and simply show you his (translated) reply, as it sparks more thoughts, emotions and feelings than any book or text ever could:

"Hey! My family and I are in Kharkiv now. I write these lines to the sound of explosions. The grandchildren are hiding in the basement right this minute.

I have a suggestion. My daughter's husband is a Lieutenant Colonel of the Ukrainian army, who is now fighting on the front line against the invaders. But he is seriously ill. He has cancer. This heroic man needs help. He saves lives at the front. I want us to save his life. I propose to direct part of the funds from the publication of my book to his treatment. Saving the life of an officer of the Ukrainian army coincides with our desire to help the entire army!"

Stories from a Chornobyl Liquidator has been translated into English and published to raise money for the Ukrainian war effort, and soon the re-building efforts.

These first-hand accounts show the true realities of how things were soon after the disaster, and the real experiences of the brave people who went there to fix the radiation problems.



Chernobyl, Ukraine, Chornobyl, Pripyat, Soviet, Nuclear, Disaster