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Treason From Within

Gayle F Larkin

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Ellen Phipps was married to a sociopathic lawyer. When the police wanted to interview him about a murder Ellen was terrified. This memoir describes how she kept herself and her daughter, Anne, safe from her increasingly unstable husband. The South African laws on marriage prevented Ellen from extricating herself and Anne safely without his permission. Yet Ellen managed to live an unusual and full life which is shown in actual excerpts culled from some documents. By sharing her story, we are shown ways of ensuring that each trap set is avoided.

Learn how the past shaped, even forced, the present. Gayle Frances Larkin leaps over the tangle to reveal the threat and danger that shaped the two protagonists, Ellen, and Anne. In a heart rending tale of sorrow and confusion she infuses humour and heartache. 

A lawyer's death turns their normality into a nightmare. What was the truth? Would they ever know?

And, worst of all, how had this been possible? Did she ever find her 'teaspoon of hope'? 



Female Protagonist, South Africa, Memoir, True Story