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Inhuman Resources

A Guide to the Psychos, Misfits and Criminally Incompetent in Every Office

Michael Stanford

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


An invaluable (and laugh-out-loud funny) reference for anyone who works in an office, Inhuman Resources turns the spotlight on the toxic individuals in today's workplace, providing insights into their childhood, character traits, their future demise/success, and most importantly how they spread their poison via office email. Think of it as an antidote to taking a gun to work!

Hell is other people. Real hell is other people in your office.

Every day the office is becoming more and more dangerous. Hard hats are not required, however thick skin must be worn at all times. Bad behaviour, rudeness, mega-dagginess and mercenary ambition is condoned, and often celebrated. Blame is as routine as the morning coffee and the wacky cup it comes in.

To survive in this world you need to identify the threats, and understand the behavioural traits of those around you. Inhuman Resources arms you with a foolproof guide to the office weirdos you will encounter every day, from the pathetic to the dangerous and all the sociopaths in between. They may be sitting at the workstation next to you or chairing tomorrow's budget meeting. You may have even broken banana bread with them just this morning.

All of them need to be identified and ridiculed into oblivion. They are mean, cowardly, devious and utterly repugnant. They are Inhuman Resources.

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