Perfect Couple

Brenda Novak

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


One afternoon in May, Zoe Duncans thirteenyearold daughter goes missing from her own backyard. The police think Samantha ran away because shes unhappy about her mothers upcoming marriage but Zoe doesnt believe it. In fact, shes willing to do anything to bring Sam home, even if it means losing her job, her beautiful home, her fiance. Even if it means divulging all her secrets to a private investigator. Jonathan Stivers is a P.I. who donates his time to The Last Stand, a victims charity in Sacramento. Hes good at what he does, the best. But never has he had fewer leads to work with or been more attracted to a client. Jonathans sure of only one thing: Sam was taken by someone close to the family. He doesnt know how close until he realises that the "e;perfect"e; couple next door is anything but...