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I Walk Alone

Geoffrey Eldridge

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I walk alone. That is not down on the city streets where help or a sympathetic ear is never very far away, but solo up in the rough country where I have climbed over a thousand mountains. I have no claim to fame, expertise or celebrity status. I’m just an ordinary guy who endeavours to climb out of the ruts we call existence to tailor a life around trying to make it just that little more extraordinary. With hindsight, it has turned out that I was pretty good at it, so thought I could try and share the story. It’s a gritty lifestyle and not for the faint-hearted but it is has been a fifty-year source for a humorous outlook on life that has been depicted in my art (the majority of which, like my walking, remains unseen). That is how I deal with everything from writing this book to resolving a life-threatening situation. Deal with it and then walk away. The experts will waste their time squabbling among themselves about whether I did right or wrong because I will already be a distant figure on the skyline facing the next choices…alone.