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Prophet Nooh, Hood and Saleh

Syed Haider Riza

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This book is second in the series on Quranic Tafsir focusing on Prophets and Prophethood. The Quran has presented all the Prophets as role models for humanity, describing their actions and various aspects of life as manifestation of timeless principles upon which foundation of human life must be laid. This book explores the Quranic description of three Prophets - Hazrat Nooh, Hud and Saleh (a.s). Their lives collectively represent a specific era during which humanity simultaneously experienced unprecedented material achievements followed by destructive punishment in the form of Azab. The discussions taken up in this book not only elucidate specific events in the lives of these Prophets but also offer an analytical inquiry into the reasons those nations incurred annihilating Azab. It also delves into illustrating the pitfalls that must be avoided in every era to achieve prosperity and salvation. We hope that this book will find acceptance in the Presence of Almighty and His Hujjat, and that it will benefit the momineen by enhancing their insight into Quranic message.

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Syed Haider Riza



Prophet Nooh, Quran, Prophet Nuh, Noah, Heber, Prophet Hud, Prophet Saleh, Pre Abrahamic Prophets, Shelah, Hazrat Nooh, Quranic Comprehension, Prophets and Prophethood