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Mindi the moth

Little stories, big lessons

Jacqui Shepherd

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


An entertaining story about Mindi the moth that not only provides insight into the world of moths but highlights the importance of forgiveness. It shows that when you forgive, you let go of your anger and feel happy. Flutter into this delightful book and join Mindi on her exciting adventure.


Mindi the moth is one of the ten books in the exciting Bug stories series by popular children’s author Jacqui Shepherd. Each book features a different bug character and highlights an important life lesson through the story. The beautifully detailed, full-colour illustrations by Tanja Dunstan bring the wonderful world of bugs to life. The simple and accessible language makes these books suitable for both first- and second-language learners. They are perfect for reading to little ones and for older children to read by themselves.


The 10 titles in the series are:

  • Aggi the ant
  • Bongi the beetle
  • Cobus the cockroach
  • Fatima the fly
  • Gonzo the grasshopper
  • Lala the ladybug
  • Mindi the moth
  • Solomon the snail
  • Sam the spider
  • Webster the worm.


Get them all! By relating to the cute bug characters featured in these stories children will not only be entertained but also be encouraged to adopt values and attitudes that will help them in their daily lives.


Other series by Jacqui Shepherd include:

Animal adventures

Sea stories



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