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Let's Talk About Sex

Real Stories from a Therapist's Office

Ann-Marlene Henning

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A renowned sexologist shows us we’re not alone when it comes to problems of sex and love.

Ann-Marlene Henning has improved the sex lives of thousands through her TV show and advice blog. Now, readers can experience her sought-after talk therapy in Let’s Talk About Sex, which illuminates common bedroom plights with real client stories. Meeting with couples of diverse identities and sexual orientations, Henning offers a rare window into the therapist’s mind. She shares her first impressions, explains her thinking as she decides what to ask now (and what to save for later), and solves problems that range from disagreements over fetishes to a lackluster sex life.

The result is a timely portrait of modern sex, one that raises as many questions as it offers real, tangible solutions.


s, sexuality.”<br><strong>—<strong>Lori A. Brotto,</strong> </strong>PhD, clinical psychologist, sex researcher, and author of <em>Better Sex Through Mindfulness</em></p>
<p>“Henning's <em>Let's Talk About Sex</em> introduces the reader to the vast range of sexual concerns, difficulties, and dysfunctions in a highly accessible way that destigmatizes them. We have a glimpse into the strategies used to effectively improve sexuality in a way that allows this book to be used as a self-help manual. I highly recommend this for anyone with issues related to their own, or a partner'



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