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Hustling, Happiness, and a Blow-up Doll Named Percy

An Unusual Guide to Success and Contentment

Dale Hefer

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


A compelling, diverse, and often bizarre array of anecdotes that will help you navigate your business and personal lives in this most peculiar of worlds.

What do the knees of a deputy president, a flatulent rescue dog, a model with big nipples, and a purple mullet have in common? They all taught the author valuable life lessons!

Hustling, Happiness, and a Blow-Up Doll Named Percy tells moving personal stories from Dale Hefer’s life. From her award-winning marketing career to her journey to sobriety, Dale provides key life lessons and essential business tips for new and seasoned professionals – and anyone looking for a fresh and positive start.

Using humorous stories of her real-life experiences – for example, why everyone needs a blow-up doll named ‘Percy’ – Dale demonstrates how to navigate this strange world so that you, too, can find your own brand of happiness.



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