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Sable's Journey

Del Rey Jean

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Ratgeber / Sammeln, Sammlerkataloge


Sable is a human warrior who fights to protect innocent souls in a world of gods and monsters, trapped in a war she knows nothing about and picking fights with entities far stronger than herself. 

In search of answers and a dear friend, Sable’s journey leads her on a blood stained path filled with strange creatures, and seemingly friendly immortals. Her guide being a god forgotten by the world, one who meets hatred from anyone she reveals him to, including the unstable immortal who’s chosen to travel at her side.

This is the story of one woman battling both the demons inside her mind, and the literal ones that continue to get in her way. She must learn to face the guilt crushing her shoulders while she fights a battle that no amount of training could prepare her for. At her side is a man who once betrayed her, and could very well do so again with ease. As she travels a world in which humans shouldn't stray too far, she is forced to trust in the strength of others and forgive the nightmares of her past. 

Sable's Journey is a tale that dances across the fine line between despair and hope,  while daring to challenge the very structures of storytelling. 

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finding faith, stone age, dark fantasy, fiction, female protagonist, young adult, betrayal