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The Self-Love Project

how to finally fall in love with yourself

Gabrielle G.

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


"Once upon a time, I did everything for others to love me while not loving myself unconditionally. The result was heartbreakingly painful. But I don't regret anything; I've learned, I've grown, and now I love myself." -Gabrielle G.

Through her personal story, poetry, meditation and journaling exercises, Gabrielle G. brings you on a journey of self-love, so you never feel rejected, abandoned, unlovable, or unworthy ever again. In ten chapters, you will discover who you are, change the narrative of your story, fall in love with yourself and be who you always wanted to be. So, grab a pen and a journal, sit comfortably, and take a leap of faith. This book is only the beginning of your most beautiful love story.



self-help, biography, poetry, self-improvement, happiness, journaling, meditation, true story, love yourself, personal development, self-love