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Charles Mungoshi (Hrsg.), Musaemura Zimunya (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft


This collection of ten short stories have been selected from Writing Still, Writing Now, Laughing Now and Women Writing Zimbabwe, and translated into Shona by two highly regarded Zimbabwean writers, Charles Mungoshi and Musaemura Zimunya. Crossing Boundaries (Mazambuko) conveys not only the movement from English into Shona, a process discussed by Zimunya in his Foreword, but conveys an idea explored in very different ways in each of the stories. Julius Chingono in Indavhiyu Yamaria considers the boundaries between hope, expectancy, and exploitation; Valerie Tagwira in Vimbiso Yamainini Grace looks at the tragedy that can occur when too much is asked of an individual; Annie Holmes in Dhirivhari humorously explores cultural misunderstanding and Petina Gappah in a wonderfully comic story, the Mupandawana Dancing Champion, delights us by confounding expectations. In Zvivi Zvamadzibaba, Charles Mungoshi cuts to the quick of family beliefs and demands finely balancing the tension between ideology and humanity. Chris Wilson with irony, and humour poignantly considers what happens when Aunt Jean�s standards are turned upside down. Nevanje Madhanire in Garimoto Romukohwi Muvi considers the world from the point of view of a child, and examines its hypocrisies, and the suffering that results; not dissimilarly Gugu Ndlovu in Mvemve Dzamaposita looks at the disruptions and pain caused to children when events beyond their control undermine the well-being of a family. Farai Mpofu in Seri Kweguva writes of the suffering of a border jumper whose life in prison has almost ceased to have meaning. This collection concludes, however, with a story of hope, courage and resilience as Pat Brickhill reveals how we can always learn from each other in Mushonga Wepasi Pose.

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