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Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of Activated Sludge Systems

Ewa Zaborowska, Jacek Mkinia

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Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of Activated Sludge Systems – Second Edition provides, from the process engineering perspective, a comprehensive and up-to-date overview regarding various aspects of the mechanistic (“white box”) modelling and simulation of advanced activated sludge systems performing biological nutrient removal. In the new edition of the book, a special focus is given to nitrogen removal and the latest developments in modelling the innovative nitrogen removal processes. Furthermore, a new section on micropollutant removal has been added. The focus of modelling has been shifting in the last years to models that can describe the performance of a whole plant (plant-wide modelling). The expanded part of this new edition introduces models describing the most important processes interrelated with the mainstream activated sludge systems as well as models describing the energy balance, operating costs and environmental impact. The complex process evaluation, including minimization of energy consumption and carbon footprint, is in line with the present and future wastewater treatment goals. By combining a general introduction and a textbook, this book serves both intermediate and more experienced model users, both researchers and practitioners, as a comprehensive guide to modelling and simulation studies. The book can be used as a supplemental material at graduate and post-graduate levels of wastewater engineering/modelling courses.

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