Chalmers' Marine Insurance Act 1906

Rainey Simon Rainey, Walsh David Walsh, Blackwood Guy Blackwood, et al.

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Internationales Recht, Ausländisches Recht


Chalmers' Marine Insurance Act 1906 is far more than a piece of annotated legislation; it includes case law with analysis and puts the decisions made in the individual cases into the context of Act. There is no other book or electronic service that does this.As marine insurance is encompassed by the Marine Insurance Act 1906 this book provides the user with an unrivalled guide to, and understanding of how the Act has evolved and how it is implemented in practice. It is a desk top, every day reference tool for anyone involved in any of the aspects of marine insurance.The new edition provides a new commentary reflecting the amendments to the Marine Insurance Act 1906 brought about the Insurance Act 2015.Important cases that are analysed include: The DC Merwestone The B Atlantic Axa v Arig The Cendor MOPU The Bunga Melati DuaPrevious ISBN: 9781845925949

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