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Studies in Extended Metapsychology

Clinical Applications of Bion's Ideas

Donald Meltzer

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


New paperback edition. The work of Wilfred Bion, by its very nature being a major step forward in the psychoanalytical model making of the mental apparatus, will undoubtably require many years for its full assimilation into the thought and practice of workers in the field. To assist this process of assimilation two types of exposition are required: to help students read Bion's work in a comprehending way; and to show the way to the clinical application of this revolutionary modification of the working mosel of the mind.


.'- The Meltzer Study Group of Savona and Milan
'Donald Meltzer's unique talent for clarification is impressively demonstrated in this book devoted to the application of Wilfred Bion's "ideas of genius". Meltzer presents and discusses the clinical experiences of people from many different countries with whom he has worked in seminars, personal discussions and supervisions. Bion's revolutionary modification of the working model of the mind: his theories of thinking, affects, and groups, find applications which illuminate and integrate the author's previous study of Bion in The Kleinian Development.'- Kenneth Sanders, Psychoanalyst'In this collection of essays, Meltzer develops Bion's concept of a nonthinking group mentality, setting it against the individual mind, which grows through the digestion of emotional and passionate experiences. This distinction is crucial for the comprehension of some of the darkest areas of psychoanalytic practice: infantile disturbances, the functioning of adolescent groups and somatizations.'- Hugo Marquez, Maria Elena Petrilli, Muro Rossetti; Gruppo di Studio Racker, Venice'This is the most profound work on the clinical applications of Bion's ideas. Meltzer's mind and life have amalgamated with Bion's deepest theoretical concepts to refine them in the everyday of clinical practice. Many of the chapters have been co-authored with colleagues that worked, supervised and matured with Meltzer, as many of us who had the good fortune to know him.'- Robert Oelsner, Psychoanalyst, Seattle'The richness of these studies, ranging from protomental states and reversal of alpha-function, to problems in nursery and early childhood for children of "confusing times", defies any neat summarizing of this book and its conclusions. Instead, Meltzer's ethical emphasis shines through, making clear the necessity to differentiate between truth and lies, thinking and political manipulation, in the internal world as much as the external, and to be guided by the solemnity of the dictate "in the beginning was the aesthetic object"
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