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Explorations in Autism

Doreen Weddell (Hrsg.), Donald Meltzer (Hrsg.), John Bremner (Hrsg.), Shirley Hoxter (Hrsg.)

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Harris Meltzer Trust

Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Explorations in Autism is a turning point in both the understanding of and the clinical approach to autism. The clinical material gradually unveils the geography of the internal mother (which proved crucial for the development of Meltzer's claustrum theory) and allowed him to draft, for the first time in psychoanalysis, a theory of the dimensionality of mental life. The book is a moving journey through the dynamics of the transference- countertransference, revealing what Meltzer calls the essentials of humanity. It should be part of the training of every analyst and I believe it would be a revelation to many philosophers of the mind.

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Autism and Aspergers, Psychoanalysis