The Good Stuff

Delicious recipes and tips for happier and healthier children

Lucinda Miller

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Healthy food that children will actually eat? Most parents would go to the moon and back for the secret…

In the mad rush of family life, many parents find themselves too busy to cook and rely increasingly on shop-bought convenience foods to get everyone through the day.

Drawing on 20 years of clinical practice, top child nutrition expert Lucinda Miller shows how vital it is that we reverse this trend and bring back home-cooked food as a mainstay of family life. She offers a series of simple steps that will help your child build a positive relationship with food and have huge benefits for their long-term health and wellbeing.

From Crunchy Lemon Chicken Goujons to Brain-Boosting Pancakes, there are recipes to suit all ages, from toddlers to teens, and they come with useful nutritional notes, as well as clever swaps for the main food allergens.

When you know the tricks, home cooking does not need to be time-consuming or expensive. Lucinda’s recipes are quick to prepare and most of the ingredients should be easy to include in your weekly shop.

Follow her approach, and you will begin to see a change in your children. They will lose their sugar cravings, have more energy, sleep better, have better concentration and be much less likely to gain unwanted weight.

Try The Good Stuff – it’s a recipe for happiness!

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