Brodick-Arran and the Great War

James C. Inglis

ca. 7,86
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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Another reference work for those tracing relatives or other individuals from the isle of Arran, who served during the Great War, and wanting information on their war service - especially those connected with the main town, Brodick. At the national registration in August 1915, it was computed that there were 1,000 males in Arran between the ages of fifteen and sixty-five and 500 of these served in the Forces. This is a pretty good contribution if you take into account those ineligible because of age or exempt for agricultural and other purposes and on medical grounds. This book begins with an account of the effect of the war on the island, especially preoccupation with the danger from U-boats threatening the communications and supply route with the Scottish mainland. The main part of the book consists of war service details of those who served, including nurses; some accounts are brief, others are much longer. There are separate headings for Nurses, Royal Navy and Merchant Navy, for regiments/corps, for Canadians and Australians and individuals are shown under the appropriate heading. At the end is list of names of other Arran men on active service and these, too. are grouped by regiment but showing only name, rank, where on the island they came from, decorations and identifying those who died - with date where known.