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Meltzer in Paris

Donald Meltzer

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


This book focuses on work with children undertaken by the GERPEN (Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherches Psychoanalytiques pour le developpement de l'Enfant et du Nourisson) of Caen and Paris. It is one of a series that record Donald Meltzer's clinical seminars and supervisions, which were conducted in various countries on a regular basis over many years.Despite his interest in the theoretical advances of psychoanalysis made during what he termed The Kleinian Development, Meltzer believed that clinical supervision was the only way to teach psychoanalytic practice. In effect, he treated supervision as an art form, just as he regarded psychoanalysis as an art form. The library of his supervision work, almost all recorded outside the UK, thus forms a valuable teaching model for future practitioners, as well as demonstrating Meltzer's wealth of insight into both character development and analytic technique.With contributions by Catherine Druon, Didier Houzel, Bianca Lechevalier, Ann Levy, Antoine Meyer, Jeanne Pourrinet, and Rosella Sandri.


. It is this experience of a space to seek beauty and truth through a meticulous search for meaning that we shared, thanks to Donald Meltzer. We hope this collection of texts from the GERPEN seminars will convey to the reader the pleasure and taste of the experience.'-Didier Houzel and Bianca Lechevalier
'Meltzer depicts the analytic situation as the development of an honest and sincere cooperation between the two partners of the analytic setting, permitting them to ignore hearsay, gossip, and various beliefs that claim to be reasonable. Instead, there is the deep conviction that, as he said, "the ultimate criterion of true reasonableness is a labour of love, and it results in the achievement of beauty - in its ultimate form, poetry"
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