Beating The Babushka

Maleeny Tim Maleeny

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


THE SAN FRANCISCO NOIR SERIES. Take one smart, funny ex-detective. Add one beautiful, deadly Chinese assassin. Pour into San Francisco and shake violently. BEATING THE BABUSHKA. When a movie producer hurtles to his death from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, the police call it suicide.One of his studio colleagues turns to private detective Cape Weathers she believes her producer was murdered, he believes her just enough to let her pay his day rate. Then two Russian gangsters show up on his doorstep and tell him to drop the case, or die. Cape and his partner Sally Mei a female assassin raised by the Triads take on the Russian mob, a major movie studio, and a recalcitrant police department. But with a sniper on their trail, the challenge will be staying alive long enough to learn the truth.

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