Complete Training for a Supple Body

Stefanie Rahn, Christian Lutz

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PILATES: COMPLETE TRAINING FOR A SUPPLE BODY provides comprehensive knowledge and contains a variety of exercises as well as professional tips and hints for trainers and exercisers. The Pilates method is a functionally oriented training program that has recently become an integral part of the training and therapy world. The exercises are based on strengthening the body's core and supporting muscles, including pelvic floor, abdominal, and back muscles. The basis of the training is to promote a correct and healthy posture. Pilates is not only a fitness program for women; it can be practiced by all fitness enthusiasts as well. This book gives targeted, group-specific exercise programs with and without small equipment—including something a bit different from the trend topic, Fascia Pilates. The versatile exercises in this book can be easily integrated into any training program!

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Stefanie Rahn
Stefanie Rahn



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