Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Collection

The Tenth Doctor Volume 3

Nick Abadzis

ca. 18,96
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Belletristik / Science Fiction



Collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11-15 and the 10D story from FCBD 2015.

The first year of Tenth Doctor ongoing adventures hits its jaw-dropping finale as Gabby, Cindy and the Doctor face a cosmic threat from the heart of the galaxy!

From an ageing actress unravelling the code of existence from her Manhattan apartment block, through retro-regeneration, a black ops military organisation, a secret cult, and an extraterrestrial artefact of such scale that it warps human comprehension – Doctor Who stories don’t get much bigger or more exciting than this!

And – even more important than the cosmic fireworks and conspiratorial backstabbing – can Gabby and Cindy’s lifelong friendship survive the twin threats of the Doctor – and an alien intelligence hovering in the skies above New York?

As the year comes to a close and the stakes rise to jaw-dropping heights, what dark truths will the Doctor confront? How will Gabby be changed by her experience? And will Cindy ever join the TARDIS crew?

Don’t miss your unforgettable chance to find out!

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