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Hotels of North America

A novel

Rick Moody

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Reginald Edward Morse is a man in need of an outlet. And he finds it in a very twenty-first century place: the internet. Specifically,, where Americans go to find out the truth about hotels, motels and, horrors, bed and breakfasts. But the real joy of those sites is not so much the advice they offer, but the people who offer it. Reginald Edward Morse is one of those people.

At first Morse seems exactly what you'd suspect a reviewer to be, though under the authoritative, even puffed-up tone, there lurks self-awareness, wit and a flair for anecdote. His reviews scatter clues to his identity, and the fragments explain the mystery of Reginald Edward Morse, his career as a motivational speaker, his lover 'K' and his estrangement from his daughter. Always funny, unexpectedly tragic, this is a book of lonely rooms, long lists, of strong opinion and quiet confession, by one of America's greatest novelists.


The transient, anonymous world of motels, coupled with the atomised texture of online communication, gives strong poetic heft to a novel about a lonely man talking into the dark

A vivid impression of modern life ... It is a distinctly Nabokovian inclination: the everyday tinged with the existential, the comic in the midst of the profound

A little book of irony and wit and heartbreak ... At its heart, <i>Hotels of North America</i> is a close examination of the middle-aged American male in sexual, emotional and financial free fall
s chilly, lacerating prose is a seduction

Funny and absurd ... with a keen eye for telling details
s timely, moving and clever
Ingenious ... original and entertaining ... Capturing the essence of our virtual reality- and social media-obsessed age, it'

It was beautifully written and there were moments of real beauty, real tenderness and a lot of truth and honesty about being a middle-aged man.

Rick Moody is one of our best writers

Rich in acerbic asides and rants

Rick Moody is one of the most prodigiously talented writers in America.
[It] was really moving, made me laugh a lot.

How much more interesting a hotel review site might be if, instead of rating the cleanliness of the bathroom, the reviewer let rip on their emotional state on the night they stayed there ... the transient, anonymous world of motels, coupled with the atomised texture of online communication, gives strong poetic heft to a novel about a lonely man talking into the dark.
ve read for a very long time. I think it contains within it some truths about the middle aged male in the current era and possibly, conceivably, any era
I loved this book. It's one of the funniest things I'

A little book that raises such big questions
s temperance that makes <i>Hotels of North America</i> <i> </i>work.
A treat ... a beady eye for the depressing details of hotel living ... His fiction comprises crisp, pacy writing, occasionally interrupted by set pieces made up of very long, percussive sentences ... Great music is often as much about restraint as virtuosity, though, and in the end, it's Moody'
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