Strange Note to Finish On

Fricker's First Case

Alan Norman

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If you think you have problems, meet DI Fricker... Death stalks the musty corridors of Scotswood Manor, a residential home for the elderly. Its relatively tranquil peace is shattered with a brutal murder. The discovery of a battered body and the ear splitting scream that accompanies it causes consternation amongst the residents. Enter DI Giles Fricker; a misunderstood man with many problems who constantly seeks the approval of his Germanic psychologist and is haunted by feelings of inadequacy along with painful memories of his father's infidelity. Fricker is also obsessed with his shapely subordinate WPC Cole; she is in turn obsessed with the Oxford English dictionary. Confusion, misunderstandings and inept investigation are the order of the day for DI Fricker and his dysfunctional team, as murder follows murder. Distracted by his fumbling attempts to find romance, Fricker stumbles helplessly towards solving the crime; however the identity of the killer remains hidden in a complex maze of sub plots. Led off the beaten track and close to the edge of disaster as he inadvertently gets closer to solving the mystery; the murderer tries to get him off the scent and Fricker himself becomes a target. A Strange Note to Finish On is an intriguing, light hearted and very entertaining novel

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