The VoiceOver Book

Don't Eat Toast

Stephen Kemble, Shiv Grewal, David Hodge, et al.

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‘How I wish this book had been available to me when I started my voiceover career!’ Miriam Margolyes in her Foreword

Stephen Kemble, a voiceover artist and voice coach, and David Hodge, who has worked as a sound engineer, voice director and as Company Manager at a voice agency, offer specialist advice on all areas of voiceover work, including commercials, narration, audio books, animation and dubbing.

• Knowing your voice

• The skills of a voiceover

• How to prepare for recording sessions

• Technical aspects of working in a studio

• Knowing your personal strengths,

making a showreel and finding an agent

• Looking after your voice

• Dealing with dyslexia

• Tips from agents, producers, engineers

and voiceovers

• Terminology

An ideal guide for anyone who has a curiosity about voiceovers and what’s involved. Of particular interest to drama school students preparing to enter the industry, and

professional actors who want to tap into the voiceover business.

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