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Faith Wilding's Fearful Symmetries

Faith Wilding, Sharon Stratton

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Kunst


Deeply influenced by studies of female iconology, the medieval, the afterlife and hybrid bodies, Faith Wilding’s art is instantly recognizable and distinctive in style. In keeping with Wilding’s own artworks, the book is a bricollage: memoirs and watercolours sit alongside critical essays and family photographs to form an overall history of both Wilding’s life and works, as well as the wider feminist art movement of the Seventies and beyond. This collection spans 50 years of Wilding’s artistic production, feminist art pedagogy, participation in, and organizing of, feminist art collectives, such as the Feminist Art Program, Womanspace Gallery and the Woman’s Building. With contributions from scholars and artists, including Amelia Jones, the book is the first of its kind to celebrate the career of an artist who not only partook in the cornerstone movement, but helped shape the feminist art of today. Intimate, philosophical and insightful, Faith Wilding’s Fearful Symmetries is a beautiful book intended for the artist, scholar and broader audience.

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artist, gender studies, feminism, art