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Creating a School Library with Impact

A Beginner's Guide

Nick Cavender, Lucy Chambers, Barbara Band, et al.

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School libraries are facing numerous challenges in the 21st century. The number of professionally qualified staff working in schools has fallen in recent years and, increasingly, new appointments to library positions are sorely lacking the skills and knowledge needed. While there are a number of resources available detailing how to improve your school library once it is up and running there is a dearth of books that deal with the absolute basics in a practical manner, looking at the role from the first day.

Creating a School Library with Impact: A Beginners Guide is an introductory manual for anyone entering or looking to enter the exciting world of school librarianship in primary or secondary school settings. It provides readers with everything they need to know and understand from day one from author visits, social media, reading schemes, information literacy, evaluating your library, the physical layout of your room and much more, providing an invaluable guide to those first few years in the role.



information management, information literacy, youth library, young reader services, primary education, school library