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Children of Las Vegas

True stories about growing up in the world's playground

Timothy O'Grady

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Over forty million people a year travel to Vegas, more than to Mecca. It is a global celebrity, an improbable oasis, a place offering bank-breaking fortunes and instant gratification, 24/7, with no moral debits.

Award-winning writer Timothy O’Grady lived in Vegas for two years. He finally began to understand it when he talked to people who had grown up there, the children of the card dealers and cocktail shakers, the jugglers and the dancers – young people who had been bearing witness to this strange city all their lives. One had her student loans and credit card limits stolen by her father. Another fled a sequence of exploiters until she found herself living in the storm drains under the casinos. There is the boy whose father entered him into a drinking contest when he was eight, the casino owner’s son, the erudite contortionist turned stripper. Each tells their own tale.

In  Children of Las Vegas, O’Grady renews his partnership with renowned photographer Steve Pyke. Through short essays, Pyke’s portraits and ten witness testimonies, he pierces the city’s glittering façade to reveal the darker reality that lies beneath.

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Timothy O'Grady
Timothy O'Grady



High School dropout rates, debt, portraits, strange way of life, photography, Las Vegas, teen drug use, essays, suicides, instant gratification, casino town, history, drugs, Super Casinos, dark reality, Nevada, true stories, bankruptcy, gambling, cities, morality, addiction