The Message of Joel, Micah and Habakkuk

Listening to the Voice of God

David Prior

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Joel, Micah and Habakkuk - these ancient prophets have urgent relevance for a church and world at the beginning of a new millennium. They emphasise the life-or-death importance of listening to what God has to say, in times of disaster, disobedience and destruction.

- Joel, facing the bleakness of national disaster, anticipates a future outpouring of God's Spirit.

- Micah declares that God's punishment for wickedness is certain and just, but that he will preserve a faithful remnant.

- Finally, facing imminent destruction of the city, the land and the people, Habakkuk remains sure that God's hidden purposes are being worked out.

These prophets stood in their marketplace, powerfully applying their messages from God. David Prior shows that, like them, the church needs to be willing to share God's word in today's marketplace. Only this stand will bring hope, rather than despair, to a society under God's judgment.

The Bible Speaks Today series covers every book of the Old and New Testaments, as well as Bible themes that run through the whole of Scripture. These revised editions are redesigned inside and out and have been sensitively updated with contemporary language and Bible translations to help you follow, study and teach the Bible in today's world.



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