Gary J. Skinner, Andrew P. Jarman

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Biologie


Ants are found everywhere from garden to mountaintop. They are at their most diverse in the tropics, but that does not make the 61 species of our part of the world any less fascinating or significant. As social insects, ants have fascinating life histories. Ecologically, they are highly important and influential. From tiny guest ants living in the nests of bigger species to gigantic wood ant mounds with hundreds of thousands of workers, there is a lifetime of possibility for study.

This edition of Ants covers the general biology and ecology of species occurring in Britain and Ireland, including the Channel Islands. The book presents photographs and descriptions of workers for all 61 species on the regional list, together with distribution maps. There is also an account of some of the exotic species that may turn up in heated buildings. The extensively illustrated keys deal with workers, queens and males of all the species. These have been specially written and are the first comprehensive keys since those of the first edition 30 years ago. There are also quick-check keys to workers and nests, as well as a detailed list of kit suppliers and an extensive reference list.

Ants are among the most familiar of insects and can form a crucial part of their ecosystem, having an impact far greater than their small individual size would lead us to expect. This book is for anyone wanting to learn more about these endlessly interesting insects, by reading and by applying some of the methods discussed to make new discoveries.



ants, entomology, hymenoptera