Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars, 1792-1815

Kevin F. Kiley

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


An extensive look at the large-caliber guns of the Napoleonic period, the battles in which they were used, and the important figures in those conflicts. In this heavily researched study, Kevin Kiley examines Napoleon's own artillery as well as that employed by his enemies, and he evaluates the gunners' contribution to warfare in the period. By looking at particular battles in detail, Kevin Kiley shows just how the effective employment of artillery could tip the scales of victory.Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars reveals much of the technical aspects of gunnery during the periodhow guns were placed, their range, what calibers were preferred, how artillery operates. It examines French artillery, including that of the Imperial Guard, and compares it to that of Britain, Russia, and Austria; it also looks at many of the personalities involved and the difference between good gunnery and mediocre artillery. Illustrated with beautiful line drawings and rare contemporary plates, this unique book reveals a whole new dimension to the Napoleonic period. Based on years of research into regulations of the period, eyewitness accounts of artillerymen, and material culled from official reports, this is a definitive account.';This must undoubtedly become the standard work for anyone interested in the artillery of the period.' Waterloo Journal

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