Debt Of Bones

Sword of Truth: A Prequel Novella

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Belletristik / Fantasy


With her husband and daughter held captive by the D'Haran army, Abby has come to the Wizard's Keep to plead for their lives. Carrying her mother's bones, she intends to cash in a 'debt of bones' - a life debt - that the First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander owes her family. But for Zedd, who commands power most men can only imagine, granting Abby's request would mean forsaking his sacred duty. With the storm of a final battle about to break, both Abby and Zedd are caught in a desperate fight to save the life of an innocent, but neither can escape the shadow of an ancient betrayal... The world - for Zedd, for Abby, for everyone - will never again be the same. Set towards the end of the First D'Haran War, DEBT OF BONES is an ingenious and essential addition to SWORD OF TRUTH series, that allows a glimpse of the world four decades before WIZARD'S FIRST RULE opens.

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