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Designing Buildings for People

Sustainable liveable architecture

Derek Clements-Croome

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Architektur


Our built environments can affect us in many subtle ways. Simply sensing fresh air and natural light or seeing greenery and open space can uplift our mood and improve our wellbeing. But these healthy environments are increasingly difficult to achieve in practice. The vital collaboration between the many people involved in designing and producing buildings is often not achieved. Then there is the pressing need to reduce waste and pollution. Managing these demands is a challenge, especially in a traditional climate of short-term thinking. Designing Buildings for People explores how we can learn from buildings of the past, vernacular architecture and the natural world around us, while still harnessing the opportunities presented by technology, to think creatively, work collaboratively and exercise a transdisciplinary approach. The book features over 200 images, exhibiting the acclaimed work of internationally recognized and research-led designers from the fields of architecture, engineering and management. It is a prime reference work for professionals and students who want to build the sustainable buildings of the future.



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