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The Art of Startups

How to Beat Larger Companies Using Machiavellis War Strategies

Edoardo Maggini

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Startups constantly face the challenge of how to make an impact given their initial small size and limited resources. Nine out of ten startups fail and more than fifty percent do not reach past the five-year mark. The few that do manage to survive can quickly find themselves swamped in the oversaturated market, unable to make any decent progress. So how can they establish themselves among their immediate competitors, let alone defeat larger, more established companies? Is the story of David and Goliath still relevant in the modern business world?

“The Art of Startups” offers its readers unique and viable solutions to all the problems small startups face especially in their early stages. By the end of the book the reader will be able to apply effectively a new set of war strategies to break through into the market, to master new technologies and innovations, to negotiate fruitful alliances and, ultimately, to become a better leader.

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