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Sara Coleridge and the Oxford Movement

Selected Religious Writings

Robin Schofield

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Sara Coleridge and the Oxford Movement is the first book to be devoted entirely to Sara Coleridge’s religious writings. It presents extracts from important religious works which have remained unpublished since the 1840s. These writings represent a bold intervention by a woman writer in the public spheres of academia and the Church, in the genre of religious writing which was a masculine preserve (as opposed to the genres of religious fiction and poetry). They offer the most original and systematic critique of Tractarian theology to appear in the 1840s. Sara Coleridge’s assertion of religious inclusivity and liberty of conscience is based on a radically Protestant theology underpinned by a Kantian epistemology. The book also presents substantial extracts from her unpublished masterpiece Dialogues on Regeneration (the equivalent of her father’s Opus Maximum) which show her remarkable literary originality and the continuing development of her innovative religious thought.

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