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Selected Poems of Bernard Barton, the 'Quaker Poet'

Christopher Stokes

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


The first ever modern edition of Bernard Barton’s selected verse, recovering an important and prolific figure from the Romantic era. Instantly recognisable to his contemporaries as ‘the Quaker poet’, Barton wrote nature and landscape poetry in a distinctive vein, as well as spanning strikingly diverse themes that engaged politics, society and religion. This selection encompasses all these tones and genres, providing freshly edited texts from the first printed sources, supplemented by textual apparatus, critical commentary and informative footnotes. The book also includes a selection of contextual material, including prefaces and reviews, as well as a selection of Barton’s lively epistolary correspondence. A substantial scholarly essay serves as the introduction, describing Barton’s life and career, as well as analysing his uniquely Quaker poetic identity in its full literary and historical context.

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