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The Vanishing Indian Upper Class

Life History of Raza Mohammed Khan

Raza Mohammed Khan, Terry Williams

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


This book itemize the familial, cultural, religious, and historical themes in a unique life story. The book is distinctive in that it continues the life story as a sociological genre, and as a methodological construct [it] attempts the comprehensive life story which engages the totality of a person’s life by capturing the essence and the development of a peerless human being. Though there are questions whether it is possible to arrange the totality of a life, an important part of the legacy at the moment comes in various forms, including biographies, video diaries, autobiographies, home web pages, and journals, but I realize all life stories are constructed and partial, yet, the attempt here is to tell a story of a member of the ruling elite rarely told. This book is part of a series about cosmopolitan life and no better way to serve that purpose than to use the life story as part of that tradition.

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