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Big Research Questions about the Human Condition

A Historian's Will

Arne Jarrick

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


The book is a manifesto-like essay aiming to redress some globally present drawbacks characterizing current research in the humanities: 1. Fragmentation and thematic volatility; 2. A reluctance to acknowledge that humanities research is a truth seeking enterprise as all scientific research; 3. A certain unwillingness (or inability) to ask clear questions and to provide distinct answers to these questions. The book consists of three parts: A. Introduction, where the problem and the purpose of the book is presented; B. six chapters, each presenting a certain topic that I suggest that humanist scholars gather around with sustained efforts; C. Conclusion with some words of how to proceed and a section discussing what the humanities or should and are not or should not be.

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