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I Wish I Knew

Poems to Soothe Your Soul & Strengthen Your Spirit

Donna Ashworth

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


In this fast-paced world, I Wish I Knew is a collection of poems to guide us through the wilderness of life, navigating body image, emotions, mental health and personal growth.

With honest lessons learned from rock bottom, Donna Ashworth's writing helps us to find courage in chaos and rise to every challenge.

Sparking joy, surprise and gratitude on each page, this collection will soothe your soul, strengthen your spirit and help you find your own unique voice.

'Donna's much-needed words will no doubt empower and lift our young people today.'
Lisa Faulkner

'A little corner of calm within life's storm - wonderful.'
Cat Deeley

'Donna has a rare gift of being able to put into words how we all feel. Her writing is like a hug from a wise friend.'
Samia Longchambon

'Donna's wise and beautiful words help us reach a place of peace and acceptance. I would love to have read them many years ago.'
Lisa Snowdon



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