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Death in a High Latitude

A classic English murder mystery

JRL Anderson

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When the deputy chairman of a world-leading oil company gets kidnapped in Hamburg, Peter Blair is urgently called in to lead the rescue mission.

The captured Dr Braunschweig is a wealthy and powerful man, and a sizeable ransom demand seems certain. So it seems very strange when all the kidnappers desire in exchange for their hostage is a certain 17th Century Arctic map.

But when the map is suddenly reported missing from its museum in Cambridge, it becomes clear there is much more at stake than a valuable relic. And with news that an oil expert has been murdered in the Arctic, an old map from the past threatens to have global consequences for the future...

Death in a High Latitude is the final mystery starring the marvellous Peter Blair - and J.R.L. Anderson has saved his best investigation till last.



Peter Blair, classic crime, Map, conspiracy, Hamburg, sailing crime, north west passage, ships, oil, cosy crime, Boats, ice, Piet Daventer, sailing, Arctic