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Lie in Wait

A dark and gripping crime thriller

GJ Minett

ca. 8,99
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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


A dark, addictive thriller, ingeniously plotted with a twist that will make you gasp, LIE IN WAIT is perfect for readers of Angela Marsons or Rachel Abbott.

A man is dead. A woman is missing. And the police have already found their prime suspect...

Owen Hall drives into a petrol station to let his passenger use the facilities. She never comes back - and what's more, it seems she never even made it inside.

When Owen raises a fuss, the police are called - and soon identify Owen himself as a possible culprit - not least because they already have him in the frame for another more sinister crime.

Owen's always been a little different, and before long others in the community are baying for his blood. But this is a case where nothing is as it seems - least of all Owen Hall...

See what readers are already saying about LIE IN WAIT

"An exciting, twisty read that had me hooked from the first page . . . a brilliant summer read." Lisa Hall, #1 Bestselling author of Between You and Me

"This is one incredibly clever novel" Bibliomaniac

"A psychological thriller in the purest sense . . . Deeply satisfying" Cleopatra Loves Books

"Deserves to be read in one sitting . . . His books are some of the best I've ever had the pleasure to read" The Quiet Knitter

"A really clever and complex story. Immensely entertaining" Goodreads review

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