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A Mother's Grace

The heart-warming Sunday Times bestseller

Rosie Goodwin

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From the bestselling author of The Little Angel; perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Katie Flynn.

'Rosie writes such heart-warming sagas featuring believable characters and well-researched backgrounds and eras' Lyn Andrews

'An absorbing story in the grand tradition of the best saga authors' Margaret Dickinson

'The new Catherine Cookson' Coventry Evening Telegraph

Tuesday's child is full of grace . . .

Warwickshire, 1910.

Grace Kettle lives a happy life with her beloved mother and reliable old Mrs Batley - happy, at least, as long as Judge Kettle, her formidable and threatening father, is away from home. As she grows into a gentle and pious young woman the atmosphere at home darkens. Knowing that she cannot protect her mother, Grace eventually flees to rural Wales, following her heart's desire to train as a nun.

But when she meets the dashing and devout Father Luke her world is turned upside down. She is driven to make a scandalous choice - one she may well spend the rest of her days seeking forgiveness for . . .

A Mother's Grace is the third book in Rosie Goodwin's Days of the Week Collection. Why not try the rest, Mothering Sunday, The Little Angel, The Blessed Child, A Maiden's Voyage, A Precious Gift and Time to Say Goodbye?



Mother's Day Gift, The Button Box, A Fall from Grace, A Family Secret, Nadine Dorries, Dilly Court, Daughters of Courage, No One's Girl, Josephine Cox, Margaret Dickinson, The Woman in the Wood, saga, The Mothers of Lovely Lane, Kitty Neale, Victorian, Historical Fiction, Lesley Pearse