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Blood's Revolution

Would you fight for your king - or fight for your friends?

Angus Donald

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Belletristik / Historische Romane und Erzählungen


Mixing the fascinating and bloody events of the Stuart reign with thrilling historical fiction, the new series from bestselling author of the Outlaw Chronicles, Angus Donald, is perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden, James Forrester, S. J. Parris and The Favourite.

In an age of treachery everyone must pick a side . . .

It's 1685 and after the victory of Sedgemoor by King James II's men and the Bloody Assizes that followed, the British Isles faces an uneasy time. Many powerful men have grown tired of Catholic James's brutal, autocratic rule and seek to invite William, the Protestant Prince of Orange, to seize the thrones of the Three Kingdoms.

When Lieutenant Holcroft Blood, a brilliant but unusual gunnery officer in His Majesty's Ordnance, discovers that a sinister French agent, known only by his code name Narrey, has landed on English soil, he discovers a plan that could threaten the stability of the nation even further.

While revolution brews in the gentlemen's clubs of London, Holcroft faces a deadly choice - fight for his king, or fight for his friends.

Every decision has a consequence - would you be willing to pay the price?

'Splendid' The Times

'Exhilarating adventure' Sunday Express

'Thrilling, all-action . . . gripping adventure and fun here aplenty' Lancashire Evening Post

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Holland, S. J. Parris, William of Orange, Conn Iggulden, Blood, James Forrester, James II, Ireland, Toby Clements, S. G. McClean, Tudors, Holcroft Blood, war, Battle of the Boyne, Thomas Blood, Bernard Cornwall, 1690, Protestants, Stuarts, War of the Roses, Catholics, Blood's Game, Iain Gayle, Battle