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Death in Summer

Michael Theurillat

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Bonnier Publishing Fiction

Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The chilling first novel in the internationally bestselling Inspector Eschenbach series.On a blazing hot day in the heart of summer, a renowned banker is shot dead on the golf course. There are no witnesses, and no obvious suspects. When Inspector Eschenbach is assigned to the case, he knows that someone must be hiding something. And as he delves deeper into the victim's life, he starts to uncover a past darker than any he could have imagined, and secrets that spread wider than he could possibly believe. Secrets that those involved will do anything to keep hidden . . . Someone, somewhere knows the truth.

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Mystery, Thriller, Zurich, Plot twist, Menacing, Ian Rankin, Crime, Lies, Peter James, Secrets, Police procedural, Suspense, Murder, Crime mystery, Fast paced