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The Daughters of Ironbridge

A heartwarming new saga

Mollie Walton

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'A Journey. Compelling. Addictive.' Val Wood

Perfect for fans of Maggie Hope and Katie Flynn - the first in a heartwarming new series set against an ironworks in 1830s Shropshire, by debut saga author Mollie Walton.

Anny Woodvine's family has worked at the ironworks for as long as she can remember. The brightest child in her road, Anny has big dreams. So, when she is asked to run messages for the King family, she grabs the opportunity with both hands.

Margaret King is surrounded by privilege and wealth. But behind closed doors, nothing is what it seems. When Anny arrives, Margaret finds her first ally and friend. Together they plan to change their lives.

But as disaster looms over the ironworks, Margaret and Anny find themselves surrounded by secrets and betrayal. Can they hold true to each other and overcome their fate? Or are they destined to repeat the mistakes of the past?

Look out for the next book in the Ironbridge series, The Secrets of Ironbridge. Search ISBN 9781838770693 to pre-order now.

'Evocative, dramatic and hugely compelling . . . The Daughters of Ironbridge has all the hallmarks of a classic saga. I loved it' Miranda Dickinson

'Feisty female characters, an atmospheric setting and a spell-binding storyline make this a phenomenal read' Cathy Bramley

'The Daughters of Ironbridge has that compulsive, page-turning quality, irresistible characters the reader gets hugely invested in, and Walton has created a brilliantly alive, vivid and breathing world in Ironbridge' Louisa Treger

'Such great characters who will stay with me for a long time' Beth Miller

'The attention to period detail and beautiful writing drew me right in and kept me reading' Lynne Francis

'Vivid, page-turning drama' Pippa Beecheno

'A powerful sense of place and period, compelling characters and a pacy plot had me racing to the end' Gill Paul

'A story that is vivid, twisting and pacy, with characters that absolutely leap off the page' Iona Grey

'Beautiful and poignant. I'll definitely be reading The Secrets of Ironbridge' Tania Crosse

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