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Lily's War

An uplifting WWII saga of women on the homefront

Shirley Mann

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An uplifting and inspiring World War II saga for readers of Nancy Revell and Annie Groves.

1942, Manchester

World War Two is in full swing and Lily Mullins is determined to do her bit for the war effort. Her friends and sweetheart have all joined up and Lily's sure there must be a role for her that goes further than knitting socks for the troops!

When she decides to volunteer for the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, Lily soon discovers that she has a talent as a wireless operator. Helped along the way by a special gang of girls, she finds strengths she didn't know she had and realises that the safety of the country might just be in her hands . . .

Meanwhile, Danny is determined to marry Lily, but his letters home become more and more distant. Will a long separation mean the end of their love story?

An uplifting and inspiring novel of women on the home front.

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'[The story] read so true to me and I really didn't want to put it down . . . It may be fiction but those things could, and did, happen.' Vera Morgan, wartime WAAF

'An impeccably researched and uplifting story of love, loss and courage: a heartwarming read that will captivate all those who love a good war story.' Clare Harvey, author of The Gunner Girl

'A wonderful, inspiring story. I can't wait to read more from Shirley Mann.' Sheila Newberry

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