Short Cuts: Psychology

Navigate Your Way Through Big Ideas

Jennifer Wild

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


A LAUNCH TITLE FOR ICON BOOKS' BRAND-NEW SHORT CUTS SERIES What with visual illusions and misinformation, positive mindsets and negative thoughts, social anxiety and personal constructs, the modern landscape of the human mind is an intriguing place to explore. But how are you expected to navigate this hidden world? Short Cuts: Psychology provides the map you need to start exploring seriously big ideas. Fifty quickfire questions lead to 'short cut' answers written by experts in their field, with each one the setting-off point for clear directions to help you plot your route through an essential concept. With one-stop graphics presenting a memorable image for each idea, and route-map glossaries explaining key words and their connections, Short Cuts: Psychology will lead you through a world of intellectual wonders.

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